Welcome to Mt. Fern United Methodist Church
Mt. Fern United Methodist Church is a progressive Christian community that believes in the sacred worth of every person. Through worship, fellowship, education, and mission, Mt. Fern practices the belief that God is calling us to love and care for one another so that we can reach our full potential in every aspect of our lives.

Worship at Mt. Fern is a celebration where we recognize Gods vision for the world. We believe that Jesus shared the vision of a world where all people are fed, all people are valued, all people are accepted and where love rules supreme.

Outreach to people in need is our number one priority as a congregation. The church building is open to many groups who are committed to healing and nurturing others. Our members are committed to stocking the shelves of food pantries, providing clothing to those in need, collecting funds for those whose lives have been struck by tragedy, and providing other much needed items for area relief agencies.

Mt. Fern is in a time of exciting transition. We are committed to being open to new opportunities of ministry and service to the local community and the world. Mt. Fern invites all people who desire to be part of an inclusive, life affirming community to join us as we grow into our new reality.

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